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Beach & Island Hopping Tour Puerto Galera

Island Hopping Puerto GaleraPuerto Galera is a small town that has a lot of different picturesque tourist destinations. Here, the vacationers may discover the most exquisite bay in the world by having a beach hopping with your loved ones. The visitors will be mesmerized and amused by the beauty of the alluring beaches of Puerto Galera. Spend your day cruising on the impressive waters and enjoying the stunning views of many small islands. Beach hopping is a good way to experience seeing all these wonderful Puerto Galera attractions in a day such as charming Long Beach, Coral Beach, White Sand Beach, Haligi Beach, Bayanan Beach, Underwater Cave, Monkey Beach, and the Giant Clam Garden. These places are just few of the famous tourist attractions in Puerto Galera that is included in the tour. 

At first, guests are given a brief tour or safety lecture before the departure then ride a van or jeepney to Muelle Pier or Sabang. When the vacationers arrives they will ride on outrigger boat and they will pass several breathtaking beaches and coves and around the world famous Puerto Galera Bay.

The traveler guides make stop on unspoiled, hidden-away beaches where the vacationers can play surfing, sun bathing, or just relax under the tropical blue skies and shining sun. There are also great opportunities for snorkeling where the travelers can be filled with wonder at the rich marine ecosystem found in crystal clear, warm waters of the area. They can see many different colorful fishes, lovely turtles, coral reefs, giant clams and other incredible sea lives to see. For snorkeling, they include life vests and snorkels for the vacationers.

Snacks may be also included in the tour like cold beers, soft drinks, and tasty barbecues. We also make stop at the seashore for the grilling of the barbecues where tourists together with their family and friends will enjoy. The cost of the tours is sometimes included in the tour package of the hotel but sometimes not. Be ready and observe some of the boatmen who will con the visitors just for them to pay in a large amount but there are fortunately guides who are kind and honest to the real price of the tourism here. Don't forget to bring your cameras or video cams to take photos and videos of the fascinating tourist spots of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

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