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La Laguna Beach, Puerto Galera

La Laguna Beach Puerto GaleraPuerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro is really blessed having one of the world's most stunning natural harbors, it is also known as Pearl of Mindoro. The town is famous throughout the entire world because of its lovely coral reefs, magnificent beaches, and beautiful dive sites for experienced swimmers and scuba divers alike. One of the impressive beaches found on Puerto Galera is the La Laguna Beach or also known as Big La Laguna Beach for it is larger than Small La Laguna Beach, it is located next to the beach of Small La Laguna and the beach of Sabang. The tourist can transfer from here to the other beaches by walking for fifteen (15) minutes or via banca boat.

This beach is the most serene and quietest among all Puerto Galera’s wonderful beaches, it has a nice secluded cove and peaceful waters, the best for the families together with their children. The white powder like sand runs straight into the very clear water of the ocean, the white sand is also clean that kids can play in and to the surrounding of the water boundary. The great thing about where the white sand meets the waters boarder for kids is the fact that there is no big wave to knock over the kids or even other travelers. The children can play in safety, knowing that the water is calm like it is a swimming pool. The visitors of the beach can enjoy their swimming with their family and friends until they can, tourists can play and have fun into the sea or just play volleyball in the wide space of the seashore.

The La Laguna Beach has resorts and hotels to offer in their utmost quality and standard. Restaurant, fast food chains, and many convenient stores can also be found in the beach. But activities such as snorkeling and diving are more excellent to experience in the La Laguna Beach unlike other beaches. The alluring and exquisite sites under the sea with assorted colorful fish, coral reefs and even turtles make the activities more worthwhile to the vacationers.

During night here is actually very quiet because all the occasions and events are already done after the sunset, the tourists are conveniently far from the noise and eardrum breaking music of the common nightlife in other beaches.

This La Laguna Beach is one of the smartest choices for a tranquil and peaceful beach of a real tropical getaway.

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