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Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Oriental Mindoro Map PhilippinesThe Philippines Eco-tourism destination of Oriental Mindoro is one of the visited island in the Philippines. It is the 7th largest island of the Philippines which is formerly known as “Mina de Oro” during the Spanish era.

Oriental Mindoro is a well-known tropical island that has gorgeous white sand beaches with a relaxing blue image of waters. View the assorted color of coral reefs under water and relax to the cool waterfalls and rivers that brings enjoyable experience. The Island of Mindoro is surrounded by various of trees and lush tropical rainforests that covers the attractive mountain and the impressive aura of waterfalls. It is an inviting place well because of the natural beautiful settings of the entire island.

Because of many natural settings surrounded, Oriental Mindoro can offer a lot of interesting activities for tourists like mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, camping, game fishing, adventurous trip to mysterious caves, island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling and other possible exciting activities.

Puerto Galera is the main attraction of the island of Oriental Mindoro which is rich in beautiful white beaches and marine life that makes it the main destination of the divers.

Oriental Mindoro has plenty of arable lands which is used for agriculture that produce large amount of rice, corn, coconut, vegetables and fruits such as Calamansi, Banana, Rambutan Marang, Lansones and the quite pungent Durian.

Fun and Fantastic Filipino Festivals

Sandugan Festival is celebrated on the month of May wherein the provincial capital, Calapan city become popular yearly. The festival recalls the relationships between locals and Chinese merchants before the Spaniards overcome or to take control the Islands of the Philippines.

Mahalta Festival a celebration that introducing the character of province's including the Mangyans, Mount Halcon and the Tamaraw Buffalo.

Meet the people of Oriental Mindoro who are called Mindorenos, they have a usual attitude of the Filipinos like being hospitable. Mindorenos are heartfelt and love to welcome tourist to their country, where here they speak using the Visayas dialect, however most love to meet foreigners where they can practice their English language skills.

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