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Paintball Activity in Puerto Galera

Paintball Fun in Puerto GaleraPuerto Galera is also known for its abundant tropical forests. It has represented ecosystems such as mossy forests, grassland, savannas, dipterocarp forests, agro-forestry forests, as well as coastal system. Puerto Galera's forests are home to various fauna like birds, Tamaraw, and flora like buri palms and orchids. One of the Puerto Galera's lush forests is a perfect place to play a thrilling game of Paintball.

Have you ever experienced the game Paint Ball? You will be amazed how fun it is. If you're looking for a little bit action activity, Paint Ball War is the best for you. Paint Ball is a very safe sport with protection all over your body. All you need to do is to find your enemy to begin the exciting game. It's required a minimum of six (6) players. You should have these following equipment and apparatus, gun and gas and two hundred (200) paint balls is included for you to defeat your enemy and you need to wear the head gear, and the body armor. 

Paintball Activity Puerto GaleraTourists will ride in jeepney, and it will be about ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes before you arrive in the place, where paint ball field in located. Puerto Galera's abundant tropical forest makes for a paint ball game great experience that tourists won't forget that kind of activity. It is safe but makes your heart beat fast that the whole family or your friends can surely enjoy and have fun.
They usually take some soft drinks and barbeque lunch after the two (2) or three (3) games played. After the lunch break they continued play the exciting game and take a couple of cold drinks in the afternoon before taking back by jeepney to Sabang.

Vacationers or even backpackers can surely experience a fun-filled vacation and relaxation with this kind of activity in the amazing forests of Puerto Galera.

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