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Paradise Reptile Zoo Puerto Galera

Paradise Reptile Zoo Puerto GaleraThe municipality of Puerto Galera is not just all about its pristine beaches. If the tourists are going to visit the place, they will discover one of the famous and regularly visited attractions in the beautiful town of Puerto Galera which is Paradise Reptile Zoo. It is situated directly at the northern coast of the province of Oriental Mindoro, this zoo has two and a half (2 ½) hectare property measurement.

The zoo has completed and obtained all necessary inspections and permits from the Protected Area and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The zoo is the widest reptile animal rescue in the Philippines that supplies assistance in the (PAWB) or Protected Area and Wildlife Bureau when it comes to saving reptiles and also other wildlife all over the Philippines.

Aside from that, Paradise Reptile Zoo is geared with regard to educating children about the worth of rescuing creatures from this awesome Planet. Throughout the years, the property has been involved in welcoming the students of the school who are going to visit the zoo and class room presentations. The Paradise Zoo Eco Education has been received well by both students and teachers for several years. They also have been engaged in training the zoo keepers about the proper way of safekeeping for the reptiles as well as from neighboring zoos on the basics of presenting. The company together with its outreach program has overreached the rules set by school board of the local.

Small Monitor LizardSince it is launch, it has been traveling from school to school so that they can give information to the students about the value of reptiles. From their early years, they have created hundreds of good presentations in different schools. Through the years, the zoo has started a link of information for the people when it comes to their goal and also for the species the zoo is trying to save.

The zoo holds a record from having more than thousand animals of reptiles and other species, specifically the highly endangered ones. The vacationers would see animals like local lizards, Black Mambas, king cobras, giant snakes, and spitting cobras of the Philippines. It offers real wild experience for everyone who goes to this place.

Green SnakeThe Paradise Zoo intends to establish a better respect and understanding for animals. They intend to give people information that the wild life shouldn't be killed. The zoo is becoming popular all over the world for its breeding programs that focus to the critically endangered species to give them new lives from all the tropical rainforests of Asia.

Additionally, Paradise Reptile Zoo has also educated the both two local and international guests about these species. They have caused money to finance the projects and also to improve the economy in Puerto Galera. 

The vacationer’s trip in Puerto Galera will not be completely worth it if the tourists would not be able to visit the extraordinary species in the amazing Paradise Zoo. 

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