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Scuba Diving Puerto Galera

Scuba Diving BoatDiving fanatics will surely enjoy finding the different colorful corals and beautiful creatures under the water. Scuba diving is known as the popular water sport in Puerto Galera. Scuba simply means “self contained underwater breathing apparatus”. Scuba Diving is an underwater swimming sport by using a scuba, where you can take and carry your own air needed in a special regulator cylinder that will allow you to breath under water. There are many dive centers and professional divers in Puerto Galera to guide you and provide your equipment and apparatus for your one of a kind experience in scuba diving.   

Here in the Philippines, Puerto Galera is one of the popular diving destinations for tourists even in the other country from the South East Asia part, because of its warm water and large dive spots. But it depends on the season, the diving water temperature ranging from twenty-six (26) to twenty-nine (29) degrees Celsius, so if you're planning to have a scuba diving in Puerto Galera, low season is the perfect for your unforgettable scuba diving experience.

Diving Map Puerto GaleraTourists can choose from forty (40) and more different sites in Puerto Galera mostly on the part of Sabang Beach, the following are Shark Cave, Sinadigan Wall, West Escarceo, Kilima Steps, St.Christoper Wreck, Dungon Wall/ Twin Wreck, Fish Bowl, La laguna Point, Sabang Point, Pink Wall, Japanese Shipwreck, Boulders, Dry Dock, Odies Wall, Batangas Channel, Manila Channel, Coral Garden, The Hill, Hibo Reef, Verde Island, and the Maricaban Island. But the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera are Hole in the Wall, Sabang Wrecks, Canyons, Monkey Beach, Alma Jane, and the Giant Clams.

The Hole in the wall dive site has twelve (12) meters/ forty (40) feet to find the small hole in the center of a big rock. Tourist can surely enjoy their scuba diving with an amazing coral formation like a mini-fountain with different kinds of fishes such as stone fish, red bass, remoras, frog fish, oriental sweet lips, snapper, sea perch, red emporas and the coral groupers are the fishes that tourists can encounter while having their scuba diving. 

Tourist must be careful while closing in on the wreck, because there are many scorpion fish inside there. In Sabang Wrecks, tourists can also see other fishes around the wrecks like lion fish, stone fish, bat fish, and the surgeon fish. 

Scuba DivingThe Canyons is the most well known dive site in Puerto Galera. It has three (3) canyons forming in this awesome dive sites. Dive and be face to face with bat fish, mackerel, tuna, sweelips, jacks, the giant trevally, and the giant groupers. The Canyons has a vertical wall to cover the most vivid coral in Puerto Galera. 

Giant Clams dive site is known for its fifteen (15) giant clams on the six (6) meters and an eye-catching different fishes. Drop down and hunt for ghost pipe fish and seahorse.

Look out and keep your eye on the sandy part, you can able to see the sea-moth, jaw fish, stone fish, and the camouflage color of the giant frog fish. 

Tropical Fish Puerto Galera DivingIn Monkey Beach, a dive site where tourist can find the small torrid reef fish, hawksbill turtles, moral eels, schools of fusiliers and an abundant soft corals.

These are wonderful dive sites, where you and your family can enjoy the scuba diving experience and discover the beauty of Puerto Galera and its underwater biodiversity.

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