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Small La laguna Beach Puerto Galera

Small La Laguna BeachPuerto Galera is known for having numerous of comely white beaches on the Philippine Island and usually the main destination of some divers. It became one of the Club's most beautiful bays in the World because of its impressive nature settings. There are many such interesting things that can be done here for more great enjoyable vacation including the trekking, hiking and more. The beaches are the most visited area in the island of Puerto Galera because of its stunning white sand beaches and shimmering blue water with refreshing cool air breeze. La Laguna and Small La Laguna beach is considered as the part of Sabang Beach, the most popular beach is known of having nightlife with several of bars and restaurants. 

Small La Laguna beach is one of the various landmarks that can be found in Puerto Galera. It is a small island ideally located near to the famous white sand beach, the Sabang Beach, and La Laguna beach. The beach of Small La Laguna is just a walking distance towards to the scenic of two (2) white sand beaches. It is a tropical paradise with a cove coastline and fine white sand beach that is surrounded by several palm trees for a better view along the beach. The beach is not appropriate for sun bathing to have a great tan skin or in just simply walking around mostly when its high tide because it's too small. It is near closely to the other beaches so travelers may pass through in just a 5-minute walk to the white sand of Big La Laguna beach or on the beach of Sabang. The Small beach offers the Point Bar located in the beachfront on the top area that can view the beautiful scenery along the beach. It is truly an eye-catching venue because of its widely open bar for the tourists relaxing and comfortable stay. The point bar is serves as the division between the two (2) beaches, Sabang Beaches, and the small beach of La Laguna. 

Portofino beach resort is one of the accommodations here in Small La Laguna that offers comfortable room facilities with complete amenities. A convenient place for guests needs wherein the resort is perfectly located on the small beach, situated in the middle of the three (3) beaches. 

For an exhilarating nightlife experience, travelers may found this on the beach of Sabang. When the night comes nightlife is now getting started, leave the stressful days and start the night like there's no tomorrow. All popular bars will be found here on the Sabang beach, the nearest beach to the Small La Laguna. During the night you will lively hear the trembling sounds of the different music sets.

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