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Tamaraw Falls Puerto Galera

Entrance Sign to Tamaraw FallsAs many people say, a Puerto Galera adventure will not be completely worth it if the tourists would not be able to visit the picture-perfect Tamaraw Falls. Yes, it is a picture-perfect place because its beauty will leave the vacationers in awe, most especially if the visitors are in their first time to see the spot.

The Tamaraw Falls comes from the word Tamaraw, which is an indigenous water buffalo on the island of Mindoro. It is 423 feet cascades beside the road that is 14 kilometers from the Puerto Galera's town proper, approximately about 30 minutes journey. It is a twin waterfall that is about three (3) stories high.

This waterfall sprawls next to Nautical Highway. It runs under a bridge, and through small waterfalls of man-made swimming pool below. Going there by the road is a mountainous zigzag paved path. The tourists will know if they are near to the falls when they already hear the water plunge while approaching the location.

Tamaraw Falls in Puerto GaleraIf the vacationers want to swim and dip, the constructed two (2) swimming pools are available in a small amount around 20 pesos. The water here is quite cold at first but very refreshing once you get over in the beginning sudden shock, actually it is not the water in the pool that is too cold, but rather the so much high temperature of the air that makes such a contradistinction difference.

There are also quaint Nipa huts provided in the area if the tourists want to eat or place their valuables there. Stalls are positioned at the entrance selling food, complimentary beverages, and beers. Toilets are not a problem because there are toilets available in the area.

After a tiring swim, family and friends can have their meal in the nipa huts near the waterfalls; barbecue grills are included if they want to have some delicious barbecue, fresh vegetables and young coconuts that is locally called as “buko” are also offered in the stall at the entrance for a refreshing natural drink.

Most of the resorts in Puerto Galera include the Tamaraw Falls in their tour package with meal for lunch provided. But if not and you are an adventurous person and just have a limited budget, the travelers can explore by their own just like what the other locals do. It is a more exciting and fun-filled way to go to this place with your friends.

Moreover, the Tamaraw Falls is awarded as the most clean and greenest inland bodies of water at the province of Oriental Mindoro according to Puerto Galera Tourism. So do not forget to bring your cameras to take a lot of pictures from this very beautiful tourist attraction.

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