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Tukuran Falls Puerto Galera

Tukuran Falls Puerto GaleraThe Puerto Galera has the natural advantage for the tourists to be attracted. It still has the pristine environment, tropical weather condition, agricultural surroundings, a lot of beaches, fascinating mountain areas, rivers, lakes, wild animals, rain forests, and the existing ethnic minorities.

The Tukuran Falls or commonly known as Tukuran Hidden Paradise is a tourist destination in Puerto Galera. The spot is called as Hidden Paradise because it is like a paradise. The site is very beautiful, alluring, and tranquil place that seems to be perfect. This is definitely not an adventure and experience to be missed!

Going here is like around one (1) hour of ride, upon arriving by the jeep at San Teodoro, visitors can either just walk in their own feet or ride at the back of an ox-drawn cart, following the pathway of the river until the travelers reach the crystal clear water of Tukuran Falls. Don't worry because while you are in the journey, the highway will take the tourists high above the ocean and you will experience to see the majestic views of Puerto Galera and the the islands around it. Aside from that, the vacationers will pass through freshwater rivers and creeks, as well as the towering coconut trees. There are fortunately refreshing and tasteful tropical fruits that grow in this spot, so ask one of the locals to grab at least one for you!

Upon arriving here in the awaiting marvelous place of Hidden Paradise, take a deep breath and look at the surrounding of the area. The vacationers are in one of the quaintest site near by Puerto Galera and in the midpoint of the jungle. You will find a picturesque small lake where you can freely enjoy a cooling swim, surrounded by a rich greenery tropical forest. The area has picnic shelters made in bamboo where the vacationers can place their gears and other materials. It depends upon the rain if the waterfalls may be enraged torrent or they can be only a drip.

Tukuran Hidden Paradise is not a vast set of cascading precipice or anything of the sort. Instead of that, it is a justly small waterfall. The river slowly makes its way down to the valley, rolling over the rocks where it is necessary. Furthermore in the river, the travelers will find rapids that are enjoying floating through.

At this point, the tourists can also have their lunch with a food like their customary barbecue and fresh grilled fish in the bamboo picnic shelters in the area that feels remarkably prehistoric. On the expedition back from Tukuran Hidden Paradise, we pause for a while at the Hanging Bridge, it is a bridge that is made of steel spans far across two both sides of the river and gives the travelers an excellent perspective as well as great picture opportunities.

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